Bonus Start for all new characters
Bonus Start for all new characters
[GoD] Main changes
[GoD] Main changes
[GOD] Differences from Essence
[GOD] Differences from Essence
Telegram Bot
Telegram Bot


Dear players! 


 :HighVoltage: Launch of a Bonus Start for all new characters!

All new accounts registered with us will receive bonuses that will give them the necessary boost for fast development and reaching new heights in the game.


How to get the bonus?


 Bonus content:

  • :reya_rose: Freya's Ice Rose - 100 pcs.
  • :bm_dragon: Shining Nevit's Gold Hourglass - 100 pcs.
  • :black_beer: Honey Dark Beer - 100 pcs.
  • :bm_dragon__s: Glowing Dragon's Attribute Potion (XP) - 100 pcs.
  • :cocktail_heaven: Emperor's Special Cocktail - 100 pcs.
  • :freya_storm: Freya's Storm Scroll - 100 pcs.


:21: Also, when creating a character, you receive:

  • :mammon_tal: Cara's Talisman 10-day.
  • :rune_wl: Vitality Maintaining Rune 7-day.
  • :g_rune_itemdrop_up: Maphr Rune 100% - 7 days.
  • :br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00: 100% Experience Rune - 7 days.


Sincerely, ArcaneWorld team


  • The chronicles are based on Return of The Queen Ant: Part 1;
  • The game is entirely on the PTS platform, without the common bugs that are inherent in low-quality Java-products.
We have created something unique, a brand new version of Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction, and made them as they should be, giving new life into an already aging universe.
Over the years of Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction updates, a lot of different content has been added: the Event with Cursed Weapon: Zarich and Akamanah, Awakening of the Water Dragon Fafurion,new instances zones, the introduction of new weapons and equipment and much more. Along with this something was kept aside the relevance of battle for the bosses was completely lost, class balance was thrown away, some characters could even “one shot". Along years gaming self-achievement were lost since everything could be bough with ‘“donations” 
Our server concept absorbed the best qualities from Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction, we added to it some ideas from Lineage 2: Essence, which you like so much and made the game fun for everyone. We don't plan to stop here and will develop our product even further.
Now, do you remember that at the beginning of the Goddess of Destruction chronicles, there was no Pay2Win system at all (pay-to-win)? That's exactly what we'll do with our server!



  • Einhasad Gold Coins Extraction - everyone will be able to obtain all items in-game by completing daily quests;
  • Exchanging PA Points for Event Lootboxes - by purchasing a premium account you will be able to open Event Loot Boxes everyday and be on par with everyone else 
  • Tarot cards can be also acquired in game.;
  • Needless to say ,everything is obtainable in-game, without donations!
  • New in-game items will be introduced gradually, you will be able to always keep up with everyone else.
  • Most importantly - almost every in-game item is transferable!
We will keep the gameplay balance: no one will be able to buy a straight win, all players will succeed equally, using their in-game skills and abilities. This creates a fairer and more interesting gaming environment for everyone.
Incorporating pay-to-win mechanics will break this balance and create an unfair advantage for players who are willing to contribute more. 
When we don't have benefits that can only be obtained with real currency, the game becomes more accessible and enjoyable for all players, regardless of their financial situation.
We give the possibility of obtaining Einhasad Gold Coins and Tarot Cards. In a game without the Pay-2-win system, all players have the same access to resources and opportunities.




  • Development of the server will occur in stages - this allows you to play at your own pace and always be up to date;
  • There won’t be a big difference in level between the players, and new players will be able to pass the previous stages with ease and will catch up pretty fast;
  • The main bosses will correspond to the level of the current stage, their stats and drop will be updated accordingly;
  • Once a new stage is released, getting experience until last level cap will be boosted 
  • Even if you reach the maximum level of the current stage, you can continue to exp, but with a reduced experience.
There is no need to rush. This is a marathon, not a race,everything will be in a steady pace, where you don't have to break your head and forget about everything, to take the maximum level at x0.1.
To get emotional satisfaction from the whole game session, you need to understand that the game starts with the first level. Yes, right from your character creation! 
Not with crafting the coolest weapon, not with learning all the skills and not when you become on olympiads. It starts from the moment you create your character. Do not forget this and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the game itself, not just chasing victory.
The real spar from each stage are a few levels, one or two grade items and a couple of new buttons. One way or another, everyone and everyone gets it. 
Like any game version, just as within development without stages, there is a concept of "snowballing" in the game, where players who play multiple shifts or 20 hours a day have an advantage and progress quickly in the game, but you have to pay for it with fatigue and lack of sleep. Personal choice, of course, but we offer a marathon with a portion of the game content. 
At each stage there will be an opportunity to be first in something, getting "well-deserved winners medals" for it. However, it's important to understand that the game is a "game changer" and is constantly adding new game content to offset the snowball advantage.




  • Virtually all Raid Bosses will have the current experience stage level;
  • Rewards to be obtained from Bosses will be updated according to the progress of the game;
  • The timing of the Epic Bosses (Queen of Ants, Core, Orphen, Zaken, Bayum, etc.) will be changed to be like the Lineage 2: Essence version of the game. 
  • Active battles will be available for participation every day;
  • Characteristics of all bosses will be updated, so that the content can be successfully passed.
Many players, especially from the big wars, crave big battles and the opportunity to prove themselves in clan battles on epics, but usually have to wait several months for such content to become available. In addition, when players reach this level on regular servers, they find that there are no worthy opponents left. 
We believe it is better to provide this content to players and update it as the server evolves. As Lineage 2: Essence server practice shows, when players have something to fight for they will be there everyday to compete for it.



  • The difficulty level of the time zones will correspond to the current stage of the game;
  • The time zone reward has been updated and improved.
Are you a fan of PvE? Do you like challenging monster battles? Maybe you're a good at POE or a vivd WoW player?
We're happy to announce that we've updated the game's timed zones and will be introducing them gradually. 
These zones will provide new challenges, rewards and experiences for players who enjoy testing their skills and abilities. We've also added new difficulty levels so that players of all skill levels can find the right challenge.
We will be releasing the updated instanced zones gradually, giving players the opportunity to explore each new zone and overcome it before moving on to the next.
Additionally, we will be introducing rewards for a PvE race on our game server. This race challenges you to challenge yourself to reach new heights in the game world, and now there's even more reason to strive for success.




  • Balancing weak classes: weak classes have been strengthened and balanced by strong classes, making gameplay more varied and exciting.
  • One-shots won’t be possible  in the game;
  • Sayha Seer  will no longer be able to have infinite invisibility in the Olympics;
  • Negative effects will take place in the later stages of the game as well.
Achieving class balance in the game is not an easy task, and it can significantly improve gameplay.By taking the time to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each class and making adjustments if necessary, our team will ensure fair and enjoyable gameplay for all players.
You don't have to worry about being killed with a single hit by a Tyr Warrior or facing an endlessly invisible Sayha in the Olympics. We'll eliminate imperfections and abuses so you can enjoy playing your favorite class.




  • Regular sieges of the castle will be held, after which winning clans will gain control of the castle, allowing them to obtain powerful bonuses and rewards for their clan members.
  • A more lucrative reward will be given for taking the castle;
  • Sieges will not be conducted simultaneously for all castles, in order to concentrate participants in one area.
Sieges are an essential element of the game in Lineage 2, to succeed, you need to be prepared
Our developers have updated the rewards for taking the castle and made sieges more exciting and interesting. We will also conduct sieges of not all castles at once, to concentrate the participants in one place and create a more vibrant and exciting event.
Now it makes no sense to miss this unique opportunity to win, get powerful bonuses and rewards, and increase your rank and prestige in the game.




  • Event content has been updated and rewards have been improved.
Chaos Festival is a competition between characters for the title of Best Warrior. This epic event content is similar to the Olympic Games: it takes place in the Arena and can accommodate up to 18 intrepid heroes as they fight for their glory, honor, and major rewards.




  • Attracting a large audience and creating a powerful advertising campaign among players of different versions of the game and from different regions;
  • Special attention will be paid to attract players from Spain and Brazil to expand the community;
  • Our goal is also to attract players from private servers and from the official servers;
  • We will work with popular clans and streamers so that our project will be better known and recognized in the gaming community.
Our team's goal is to create a multi-faceted and international community of Lineage 2. We welcome all fans of this great game from all corners of the planet - from the golden sands of the desert to the green hills of the forest. Our gates are always open to anyone looking for an exciting gaming experience and the chance to play with players from all over the world.
We are especially proud to welcome the Spanish and Brazilian community to bring their unique style and skill to our world. Together we can create an even more vibrant and diverse community that boasts a true cultural mosaic.
We also welcome the community from the private and official servers to provide players with the opportunity to play unforgettable battles with strong and worthy opponents. We welcome anyone looking for a new challenge and experience to our world.
Our community is also strongly connected to popular clans and streamers, who are ready to show their skills to the world and share the secrets of the game. With them, you can make your gaming experience even more interesting and exciting.
Your clan will be a valuable addition to our international Lineage 2 community - we're waiting for you!




  • Our server will regularly host exciting giveaways where you can win incredible prizes!
  • We're constantly adding new prizes and a variety of gifts so that every player can find something for themselves;
  • We have various media channels where you can participate in giveaways, including Telegram, Discord, and the website;
  • We will also be giving streamers the opportunity to host some of the draws on our broadcasts so you can see how other players are winning and increase your motivation!
On our server, we not only provide players with a unique gaming experience, but also regularly hold giveaways with various prizes. We care about our community and therefore strive to make each giveaway as interesting and enjoyable as possible for all participants. Our giveaways take place both in-game and on our social networks, as well as on our website and live streams. We guarantee that every giveaway will be organized fairly and transparently, and every participant will have an equal chance of winning. We have prizes for everyone, from in-game currency to exclusive items and equipment. Join our community and enjoy not only the game, but also the regular giveaways with various prizes.


The closest chronicle that is similar to Goddess of Destruction is Essence.

If you have played Essence, then Goddess of Destruction will seem very familiar to you.



  • Automatic hunting (there are also looped macros and locations that are designed for it);
  • L coin = Einhasad coin (the game's economy is based on Aden and Einhasad coins, which are a full analogue of L-coin);
  • In - game items (stones, talismans, agathion, cloaks, belts, circlet are 70% like essence, but there are 30% that will be fresh to you).


There's another big plus: most of the character's items are transferable!

  • In our version there will also be 4 epics, as there is on Essence, which spawn every day and there will be clan battles for them;
  • Level Rating System;
  • Collections alike;
  • Similar interface.




  • The ability to play in a group of 7 people and a lot of party content, but solo play is just as comfortable as on Essence;
  • New character skins and mechanics;
  • A variety of instanced zones that require ingenuity to pass a particular dungeon;
  • New Play Locations and Bosses;
  • Beautiful graphics;
  • Olympiad 1x1;
  • Chaos Fest (an analogue of the Olympics, where every man for himself and one winner, like in PUBG);
  • Interesting event of Zarich and Akamanah;
  • Auction of items as in WoW;
  • New character traits, such as Luck and Charisma.



No, we'll have a stage system on the server that won't let anyone get too far behind in leveling, and by the end of the first stage you can easily get the hand of things you're not familiar with, they're a lot easier than you think.


  1. We will have players on the server, who are well familiar with the chronicles, they will answer your questions and lead streaming, telling you some of the moments.
  2. There will be a question and answer section, we will try to answer all your questions and help you get used to the new world.
  3. The game will implement a mentoring system, you can choose a mentor and he will help you in the game, mentor and the student will receive special game bonuses.
  4. We will give a list of current information, where you can read it in more detail.
  5. You can also join Clans, many of the clan leaders and streamers will tell you what and how.
  6. At each stage we will give a guide, which will be written the main points and tips, as well as what challenges will cause this stage.
If you go to , you will see far more people are playing on Elkardia than on Essence. Even though you can't adequately farm items in-game. We are going to fix this and make all necessary improvements.

Population Goddess of Destruction servers

Population on Essence servers




Yes, you can count yourself in for the most recent Essence chronicle.


Maybe I'm too old for all this?

You're in the prime of your life, you shouldn't be afraid of something new, you've tried swapping HF/Classic/Interlude for Essence before, worried that there will be a lot of new stuff, but mastered it, try new stuff, you won't know until you try it.


:HighVoltage: I present to you a Telegram-bot that will make your gaming experience more comfortable -


What functions does it perform?

  • Bot has the ability to switch languages to Russian, English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • You receive a notification when your character dies.
  • You receive a notification when your character exits the game (crashes).


:KLpink: Your feedback is very important to us, so we will take into account your wishes and observations to make our bot even more functional and easy to use.