Confrontation between two communities


Grand Opening

2 AUGUST, AT 20:00 GMT+3

Opening two servers


Fundamental fights for spots and epics among the strongest and largest clans of the two projects. Batch batches of 500+ people. Tribunal, CriticalStorm, Epidemic, 2easy and other clans who live and love this game.

Choose Dark


An excellent choice for a leisurely game in the evenings. Fight and fight for epic bosses with equal opponents. Prepare your boost for future large-scale battles at the merger. Astrobase, NightRiders, Future, Podpivasniki and other mid-var clans.

Choose Light

Updates keeping up with Korea

Always the latest version of Lineage II Essence

Introducing, Mid-War Division

Individual forts


Fight and capture forts to gain an advantage over your opponent.

There will be separate forts for the midwar, to which the big war will not have access.

Individual castles


We have added separate castles for which only clans from the mid-variety will be able to register.

Epic battles with opponents of equal boost.

Individual epic-bosses


Full-fledged epic bosses will be added, battles for which will be available through special passages for midwar.

Features of the server

Formula for an ideal concept
Two servers and two stories merge into one
Midwar division
Sieges of castles and forts
Thoughtful and dynamic concept
New and improved locations

Two servers and two stories merge into one

Opening two projects will reduce the load in the initial locations and make the starting race more interesting and fair. You won't have to stand on each other's heads anymore.

When choosing a division of darkness, be prepared to fight for each section of Elmoraden with the strongest clans and packs.

The light division is suitable for more comfortable and measured play in the evenings. And battles for epics will be with opponents equal in strength to you.

The merger of the two projects will not be delayed and will enliven the massive battles with new blood.

It's time to make your choice.

Midwar division

We have thought through and implemented full-fledged content for hard workers.

Fight only equal opponents.

After the merger of the two servers, registration for individual castles, individual forts and epics will become available for midvars.

Sieges of castles and forts

Sieges of castles and forts are perhaps one of the most important and exciting components of Lineage II, which was so lacking in Essence.

On our project, you will again be able to take part in this exciting event and receive pleasant bonuses to boost your character from capturing castles.

Thoughtful and dynamic concept

Comfortable game, gradual development at the right pace and rhythm, as well as many interesting game mechanics and events that will definitely not let you get bored.

Offline farming, new locations and dungeons, ranking system, Gear Score, bonuses for GS, group experience bonus, L-Coin for PVP.

All this is part of the chips that we have prepared.

New and improved locations

Separation of locations for mile and range classes.

Updating spots for each stage of the game for both solo players and packs.

All this makes character development as comfortable as possible and without the need to stand on top of each other.

Community voice

Clan TribunaL
Leader: Screet

Hello everyone, there haven't been any big openings for a long time, of course we won't miss it. I have already played Valhalla and Arcana many times.

I'll go play at a serious level, there will be a large clan with 10+ packs among which there are several cows.

For the first couple of months I will be in nolife format. We will get both packs and solo active players. for this set write: tg @iScreet

Clan CriticalStorm
Leader: Pinkman

Critical Storm clan opens recruitment!

Hello everyone.

We are used to showing ourselves as a long-running clan (we played out the last start to its logical conclusion).

In this regard, we are recruiting packs of active solo players aimed at a long and productive game in big war.

Clan Epidemic
Leader: FrankieDeckard

👑 Epidemic will land on Valhalla & Arcane World servers on August 2.👑

We plan once again play till the end of the server and fight the bigwar hard. 💯

Epidemic it's friendly & Assisting clan to their cps and solo players, we fight together, protect all top spots together.

We looking for serious active constant parties - 3/3 5/5 and solo players, also solo players who likes to play in cps and find cp inside our clan.

Clan 2easy
Leader: 2easy4ninja

Hello everyone, I will take Half CP \ Full CP \ Solo players into the clan.

It seems that it will be hotter than at the last opening of Valhalla, so I’m looking for reinforcements for the clan for fights in Big War.

I'm waiting for your messages.

Clan Future
Leader: Meatboy

Greetings to everyone who is starting on Valhalla-age, my condolences to the rest.

The classic chronicles are dying a little. So we decided to transfer from the wonderful Interlude to Essence.

The mood is as combative as possible. Usually we gather 50+ elite interlude warriors

I will add experienced fighters from Essens to our strong stack.

For recruitment, write to my cart: @dmtrjyashenko

Clan PodPivasNiki
Leader: Хайдар

I just can’t miss the new Valhalla & Arcana server, so we’ll jump in without hesitation

Position, let's start PVE as always

FROM us Clan Discord drown ExP keep top Loki Cruma totems, if they offend ours we will always help, weekly KMS (Clan arena, Frinta, sieges, etc.) We divide the drop and cut everything honestly evenly and transparently like a baby’s tear (all loot with screenshots in the disk ).

Clan AstroBaseSide
Leader: PetrovichMate

We played on different projects, different chronicles, tried Essence last season and liked it. Let's burst into this opening with our clan!

AstroBase is a clan in which you will find a large family, find friends and comrades in arms. The main goal for this project is to gain a foothold in the mid positions, try something new, spend gaming time with maximum pleasure, be it pve or pvp control...

Clan Extazy
Leader: SilverLance

Recruitment for the active clan Extazy

On August 2 we plan to start again at Vallhala age & Arcane World

Clan events, help with daily events and spots, help for newcomers.

There is a ds clan with open drops, a telegram channel and TT with news and clan memes. All you need to do is be active, make contributions, try to get to KMI.

Clan 86th
Leader: Lycoris

Clan "86th" (ua/ru/eng)

Clan events;

Quickly obtain full clan skills;

Completing daily quests;

Help at spots and joint farming;

Explanations on game issues and character development; Screenshots of the drop after farming in the clan discord.

Play without donation

Referral system

Bring your friends and receive a guaranteed reward for each one.

Giveaway in Telegram

Participate in Telegram activities and get a chance to win a reward.

Giveaway in Discord

Head over to the #giveaway channel or enter other giveaways on our Discord.