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Enter the classic world of Lineage II
and rediscover the magic of how it all began.

Chronicles - Seven Signs

Our choice is focused on the Seven Signs era, which had the highest online player count and rich content. We want to convey to you the atmosphere and possibilities that made this chronicle so special. We have the ability to select any of the Classic chronicles, but these chronicles are the "golden mean" for the server's launch, with stages divided by "Classics by eras."


True Retail game build

The official client is your ticket to a fully recreated classic version of Lineage 2, including all the correct mechanics, such as precise damage interaction, debuffs, and much more, rather than invented and broken mechanics of Java servers. If you missed the opportunity to dive into the classic experience on the official server, we have great news - you can fix that right now.


Stages and dynamic rates

We take into account the experience of the official server, where the game stages continued from patch to patch for periods of up to six months, and we understand the importance of such division for the equal development of players. Although we do not plan to have such long intervals, we will still implement stages in the game to ensure players have a similar level of progression.
Our stages of development will allow you to enjoy the game at your own pace, giving you the opportunity to engage in other activities while staying roughly on the same level as other players. You can feel confident that you won't be left behind by 20 levels and enjoy the game, knowing that you have time and space to develop.


Lineage 2: Classic is an opportunity to return to a nostalgic atmosphere and relive an era when mass PvP battles and social interaction held greater significance. Immerse yourself in a unique world where your progress and achievements have real value, and every decision can have important consequences.

Features of Lineage 2: Classic 

  • Classic chronicles: Lineage 2 Classic is based on some of the latest official classic chronicles of the game, allowing players to recreate the true feeling of the game in its golden era.
  • No Pay-to-Win system: Lineage 2 Classic excludes payment systems that give advantages to paying players. Here, all players have equal opportunities, and achievements depend on their skills and efforts.
  • Unique gameplay: In Lineage 2 Classic, you will find original game mechanics with minimal changes that enhance the gameplay. The variety of classes, role distribution, PvP battles, and group raids make the gameplay exciting and unpredictable.
  • Thoughtful economy: Special attention is given to the game economy, where players can earn through market trading and crafting. Important aspects include the value of characters, adena, and equipment, giving real value to each item.
  • Large community: Lineage 2 Classic attracts a significant number of adult players who appreciate the classic style of the game and are willing to invest time and effort into developing their characters. Here, you will find a lively international community and the opportunity to interact with like-minded players.
  • Long-term server: Lineage 2 Classic is a long-term project that offers players stability and the opportunity to enjoy the game for an extended period. The project's administration values players and strives to create the best conditions for their development and satisfaction.

The Lineage 2 community, which is not particularly found of the GoD and Essence versions of the game, revolves around the Interlude, Gracia Final, High Five, and Classic chronicles. Classic is the latest among them released by the game developers and represents a natural evolution and continuation of all the previous chronicles.


Classic and Interlude

When comparing Lineage 2 Classic and Interlude, it can be noted that Classic has a much more developed economy, class balance, and skill functionality. The mobs that inhabit the Classic game world are more carefully designed in terms of their behavior. All aspects related to the economy in Classic are better developed than in any other chronicles.
One of the main advantages of Interlude lies in its economy and crafting system. However, it should be noted that Interlude has a limited class balance and a relative limitation in skill variety, locations, and mechanics.
This is due to its earlier release date, and while they retain their appeal, some aspects may seem outdated compared to the Seven Signs chronicle.

Interlude release date: April 11, 2007

Classic: Seven Signs release date: July 27, 2018.

Comparison of Interlude and Classic

Chronicles Economy Class balance Mobs, AI, Stats, Drop Olympiad Game Engine










Сlassic and Gracia Final

Gracia Final is a chronicle located between Interlude and High Five, with a newer game engine. Unlike Interlude, Gracia Final offers more content, an attribute system, and a new race - Kamael. These chronicles are considered the most "snowballing," where one side, having a slight advantage, seeks complete domination.
In comparison to Interlude, Gracia Final has some disadvantages, such as a worsened economy system and imbalanced damage of new classes.

Comparison of Gracia Final and Classic

Chronicles Economy Class balance Mobs, AI, Stats, Drop Olympiad Game Engine


Gracia Final








High Five and Classic

High Five is the latest chronicles in the game series, on which the official version of Lineage 2 stopped before the introduction of the Classic version.

In High Five, class balance and the Olympiad system were well-developed, but the game economy was neglected.In High Five, the Olympiad and the need for "e-sports play" in the Olympiad are more prominent. In Classic, on the other hand, the Olympiad mechanics are completely different, requiring certain skills but easier for the majority of players to grasp.

There are also downsides in PvP in High Five, the need to load additional windows to gain an advantage, while in Classic, this is not the case. PvP in Classic resembles the Lineage that everyone misses.

Comparison of High Five and Classic

Chronicles Economy Class balance Mobs, AI, Stats, Drop Olympiad Game Engine


High Five







One of the main advantages of a premium account is the increased experience and resource acquisition rate. This means you can level up and develop your character faster, as well as obtain more resources for crafting and trading.

However, it should be noted that a premium account is not mandatory for a fulfilling gaming experience. You can still enjoy the game and achieve success without it. The decision to purchase a premium account depends on your preferences and capabilities.

Detailed information about the premium account:
  Adena EXP Spoil Drop Price
Premium Account
+30% +50% +30% +30% 5$
Additional functions
Additional window (max 2 pieces)
Experienced project team
  • We are a creative and experienced team of developers dedicated to creating and promoting high-quality projects.
  • Our main principle is to be close to our audience and respond to their needs with instant feedback.
  • We sincerely love and value each player, and we believe that only such relationships can create a truly unique, engaging, and high-quality gaming world.
  • Our passion for development and our commitment to constant improvement allow us to achieve high standards and create a project that will delight and inspire our players.
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