How to start the game

1 Step
Create Master Account
To connect to the server, you must first create an account on our website. This can be done by clicking the Sign up button below. Here you need to pay attention to creating an account, as this will be your login credentials for the game, this is where your characters will be: Sign up
step 1
Important! Email and password of your master account (Master Account, which is registered on the website and used to access your Personal Account, is not required to log in to the game). Please keep this safe and do not share it with anyone.
2 Step
step 2-1
Create a Game Account

Next, you have to create a game account. You can do that by clicking this button here:with anyone) You will have to pay attention to the account creation here, as these will be your credentials to log into the game, this is where your characters will be:

Create a game account
Create a Game Account

Your login details for the game, according to the example above, will be: User: TWK_BigBadBoy (please take note of the “_” between the account prefix and the account name itself) Password: The password you set up.

step 2-2
Now that you have created your account, it is time to login into the game. First, you have to download our updater HERE, or you can go to our main page and click “Direct Link to launcher”:
3 Step
step 3-1
Downloaded the launcher

After you have downloaded the Launcher, you can move it to your game folder. If you do not have the game currently installed on your computer, the launcher will start downloading it:


We recommend that you run the game through the Launcher every time, so that the game files are up to date and you don't miss any updates. Once the download is complete, simply click the "Start Game" button and enjoy the game.

step 3-2
We hope this is clear, but for more help, please join our  Discord   Community.