Main description
Main description
L Coin Farm
L Coin Farm

Essence Server launch - March 29 Essence Server Open Beta Test (OBT) - March 22 Server rates:

  • Experience - x0.7
  • SP (Skill Points) - x0.7
  • Adena (in-game currency) - x0.7

:pepe_iy: Key features:

  • The server is based on PTS files of the Death Knight II patch.
  • It will be further updated to the High Elves chronicle and subsequent new global patches from Korea.
  • Maximum number of clients per computer - 1
  • Maximum allowed number of computers per player - 2
  • Server time - GMT+1

:pepe_friends: Group bonus

  • For a group of three people - experience bonus is +20%
  • For a group of four people - experience bonus is +30%
  • For a group of five people - experience bonus is +40%

But that's not all... We've decided to reward the presence of support classes in the group with increased experience for the entire group:

  • In a group of 5 people, support classes give +10% experience (each);
  • Maximum +20% (2 support class characters);
    • Example: If there are two support classes in a group of five people, the experience bonus will be 60% (standard +40% and for two support classes +20% (10% for each));
    • If there are more than two support classes in the group, the bonus remains the same as for two support classes (maximum bonus - 60%).

*Support classes: Paladin, Dark Avenger, Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Bishop, Prophet, Cardinal, Hierophant, Sword Singer, Temple Knight, Sword Muse, Eva's Templar, Elven Elder, Eva's Saint, Overlord, Warcryer, Dominator, Doomcryer, Shillien Knight, Blade Dancer, Shillien Templar, Spectral Dancer, Shillien Elder, Shillien Saint.


:pepe_business: Offline Farming

Offline farming is a feature that allows your character to continue leveling up in the game even if you lose connection or encounter a client error. This functionality is also perfect for players who prefer to shut down their computers when not playing. To enable this feature, you will need:

  • Offline farming rune
  • Activate offline farming in the .cfg
  • Be in auto-hunting mode and type the command .offline in the chat

If all conditions are met, your character will remain in the game even if the connection is lost. :att_pink:Important information: After restarting the server, the character will be disabled.

:pepe_driving: Personal settings of your character

On our server, every player can use the .cfg command to adjust some parameters according to their preferences and receive important information about the coin limit. List of settings:

  • Global notification about item modifications: Ability to enable/disable this notification.
  • Choice of notifications about kills and deaths of enemy clans: Change the notification style between old and new formats.
  • Disable skill animations: Increase performance and focus on the game by disabling skill animations.
  • Enable offline farming: Activate the offline farming feature for your character, after which you can use the .offline command to apply it.
  • Display of daily coin farming limit: Important information about the available coin limit for farming.

:pepe_swordge: Improvements in auto-hunting

Your character can now utilize the following new features:

  • Town Mode
  • Fixed combat zone
  • Stay in place mode
  • Raid boss attack mode
  • Hunting radius adjustment - increase and decrease
  • Automatic deactivation of auto-hunting upon pressing any movement key (LMB, WASD)


:pepe_run: Shared Teleport

  • Cost of Shared teleport - 50 L-Coins.
  • Cost of teleportation to a shared teleport - 50 L-Coins.
  • Maximum number of teleports to one coordinate point - 20 times.
  • A player who ranked 1st in the PvP ranking for the week has the ability to transmit coordinates for free.

To prevent endless PvP with instant teleports to a point, we have decided to impose a restriction on all types of teleportation, after death within 10 seconds.


:VIP: VIP System

Our VIP system is fully adapted and intended more for emphasizing the individuality and visual recognizability of our players than for providing significant in-game bonuses. In other words, we use these rewards to express gratitude to players for their contributions.

  • VIP Level 10: +30% experience, +7% damage against PvE, unique appearance
  • VIP Level 9: +25% experience, +6% damage against PvE, super cool appearance
  • VIP Level 8: +20% experience, +5% damage against PvE, cool appearance
  • VIP Level 7: +20% experience, +4% damage against PvE
  • VIP Level 6: +15% experience, +3% damage against PvE
  • VIP Level 5: +15% experience, +2% damage against PvE
  • VIP Level 4: +10% experience, +2% damage against PvE
  • VIP Level 3: +10% experience, +1% damage against PvE
  • VIP Level 2: +7% experience, +1% damage against PvE
  • VIP Level 1: +5% experience, no increase in damage against PvE

:Pepe_Queen: Command Channel

How can a clan leader objectively assess the strength of the group? We have an answer to this question! With the new features of the team channel, not only clan leaders will be able to do this, but also all players who are part of it. We have added overall statistics for the group regarding kills and deaths, as well as personal statistics for each member of the team channel.


:blueflame: Group Highlight

We are all familiar with the problem when damage dealers, thirsty for the blood of their enemies, run away at a great distance and do not pay due attention to their health and debuffs from their support members in the group. We decided to help with this problem and introduced a new feature with highlighting group members:

  • Now you can easily navigate the battlefield in the heat of battle and interact with your group.
  • For your convenience, there are several colors to choose from, which you can adjust by pressing the "Group Settings" button.
  • When leaving the group and rejoining, the chosen highlight will be saved and activated automatically.


:6_: Collections

  • The ability to minimize the collection window for convenience has been added.
  • We have introduced a new feature - random collection generation. This significantly simplifies the study of complete collections for our players.

:pepe_diamond_sword: Gear Score

Gear Score — a rating system commonly used in online games, especially in MMORPGs, to assess the strength or effectiveness of a character's equipment. Gear Score is a numerical rating reflecting the overall power and quality of the items the character is wearing. We have decided to adapt this system for our server. Players are always interested in competitive aspects among themselves, and to make it easier to evaluate this indicator, the rating system (GS) will help.

:pepe_sapo: What affects your GS?

  • Weapons, armor, jewelry, and their enhancement starting from top B grade.
  • Enhancement of items such as Cloaks, Talismans of all kinds, Belts, Stones, Circlets, etc.
  • Used Hardin's Soul Crystals, Adena, Dyes.
  • Learned and enhanced skills from books 1-4 stars.

⚽ Displaying GS rating

  • The character's rating can be viewed in several ways:
  • Overall in-game character ratings on the "Gear Score" tab.
  • Your personal rating can be viewed in the "Character Status" tab.
  • The opponent's rating is displayed in the target window.

As a nice bonus for being in the top 1 place in the rating, a unique role in our Discord - :10: Like a Boss. It is important to remember that in games, strategy and skill can outweigh even the most powerful equipment. So don't forget about it when looking at your or your opponent's GS! 


The following dungeons are available on our server:

  • Dream Dungeon - a hunting zone for 2-10 characters in a group and party channel from level 76 and above.
    • You can complete the task - Exploration of the Dream World.
  • Dwelling of Spirits - A hunting zone for 20-100 characters in a team channel, from level 76 and above.

    In this zone, you can complete the following quests:

    Entrance to the Dwelling of Spirits - Weekly quest (per character).

    Spirit Rulers - Weekly quest (per character).

  • Battle With Frintezza - a hunting zone for 20-100 characters in a party channel from level 76 and above.
  • Valakas Temple  - A hunting zone for 15-100 characters in a team channel, from level 76 and above.

    Clan Arena - A temporary zone where clans can test their strength by battling arena bosses. Clan members will receive valuable rewards for successful completion.

A crucial element of the game is the mining of L Coins, and we've developed a coin farming concept suitable for all players.

  • For killing monsters, as well as for slaying characters in PvP, you will be awarded coins every 20 seconds.
  • The number of coins depends on your level.
  • Coins can also be earned through other means, such as daily quests, the Olympiad store, etc.
Character Level Amount of Coins (+ with Premium Account) Daily Limit
up to 76 10 (15) 19,800
77 12 (17) 23,760
78 14 (19) 27,720
79 17 (22) 33,660
80 20 (25) 39,600
81 22 (27) 43,560
82 24 (29) 47,520
83 26 (31) 51,480
84 28 (33) 55,440
85 30 (35) 59,400
86 32 (37) 63,360
87 34 (39) 67,320
88 36 (41) 71,280
89 38 (43) 75,240
90 40 (45) 79,200
91 45 (50) 89,100
92 50 (55) 99,000
93 55 (60) 108,900
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